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Inspiring and empowering the

future alchemists.

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Epic Self


Embodying your most Epic Self Course
(2 weekend course)
Do you know that most teens don't feel good about their body and self image?
And that most of our teens suffer from some from some form of anxiety and depression?
One of the most powerful ways to prevent this to have a strong core belief system about yourself and to design a lifestyle that supports it.

In this transformative 4-week workshop, your teen will learn and practice:
1.Visualizing their most epic highest selfs.
They will learn how to easily to step into their higher selves and make choices from there at any given time.
2. Learn strategies on how to re-wire negative thought patterns and belief systems.
3.How to design a non-toxic lifestyle to support their most epic selves.
From environment, nutrition, social friends aspects.

Other bonuses are meeting like minded teens who will support your teen in their most epic endeavors as well as online community support.

When: Two Saturdays, January 17th 3pm-5  & 24th 3pm-5pm
Where: Corazón Performing Arts
125 S Topanga Canyon Blvd, Topanga, California
To reserve your spot pay here or go to:

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