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Water Peace Yoga


We are so excited to partner up with the Water Peace Project.
Here's some info about their mission, we are pleased to be able to support them through our Water Peace Yoga for girls.

WaterPeaceProject.org aims to support the Dr. Emoto's mission in the U.S. by organizing educational seminars and events concerning the importance of water. Creating community programs that contribute in environmental preservation and peace promotion through enlightening people regarding importance of water.

WaterPeaceProject.org is educating the truth of water to children by distributing children version of “Messages from Water” books to children for FREE. It is the EPP goal to distribute 650 million copies of the book in next 10 years. In another 20 years or so, we hope that they will be leading the earth in a favorable direction.

Water Peace Project will provide 1 Free book to each child that attends a Water Peace Project Yoga  event. If anyone wants an additional book for a child who is not present, we do accept a $5 donation per book. ($5 only covers the printing cost for the book they are receiving.)

Join Generation Gratitude on the beach as we bless the magnificent ocean and tap into our own water bodies moving and opening and learning Dr. Emoto's discoveries through yoga, dance, conscious language, mantra and sound exploration. Every child will receive a FREE copy of Dr. Emoto's "Messages of the Water" children's book.


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