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Do you know a teen or a family who suffers from:






But you don't want to send them to a regular psychologist where they will toxify them with drugs?

I am here to help!


I help teenagers and families to become unstuck so they can transform their lives.


I work in a way that goes way beyond just talking about what is happening.  I will help you first by unblocking the stuck energy in the body that is caused by trauma,memories and negative patterns.  

Which is usually where we operate from, it's where our behavior arises from.

This is why some therapies are not successful.  It's because the pain, memories and stuck energy are still there.

After we clear all pain, memory and trauma from the body is when we ready to begin the real deep healing. It's from that clear and spacious place in the body we are truly available to fully clear habits, patterns and truama that no longer serve us.  

We then begin to dive into discovering the root of how this belief, negative pattern, experience developed and manifested.  It's from this place is where the true healing happens.  It's from this place where we completely clear, heal and forgive through a system that works so well that you will are no longer be carrying around the past memory, truama and pattern.


This freedom within will open space for you to live and create your your most epic life yet.  


I empower you to become your own healer tapping into your own inner intelligence.



 Working with me:

Initial consultation (90-minutes, $300, challenged

financial situations are open for discussion)


During this visit we will discuss your goals, desires and the need for the therapy process. It will also be a time for both of us to get a better feel for whether we are a good fit for each other. If it does feel like a good fit and I believe I can help you reach your goals we will discuss what that would look like.

The program I offer is a holistic approach that includes many supports that go beyond the traditional therapy model. If you are ready to invest in making real change in you and your families life, I would love to speak with you.


Blessings on your wellness journey,

Elena Sheehy

Certified Life Coach


To schedule an initial appointment, contact me at